Finding The Right Childcare Providers.

You are looking for the best available child care provider who will tick all or most of your boxes, which things are important and which ones are not?

Helpful Guide

Finding the right childcare provider that fits your needs can be difficult, definitely because of the large number of private providers available nowadays. I compiled the following tips for you:

Tip 1: Ask your friends/colleagues where they found their child care providers; they might even be able to introduce you or give you an excellent insight into how they operate.

Tip 2: Try not to search for too long but just pick one and contact them to arrange a visit. Then once you have visited and looked around, you will have an idea what to look for and questions to ask, then you can look for other providers without wasting time.

Tip 3: Search for and consult childcare providers comparison websites for their recommendations.

Tip 4: Search for childcare books in your local library, they might have a few books with good suggestions on what to look for in a child care environment or facility.

Tip 5: Do NOT spend a fortune on paying an agency to look for a child care provider for you. Most good providers only cost a little bit more but there are also some relatively free ones available like the drop ins, toddler groups, you only pay a couple of pounds.

They will provide you with everything you will need to help your little one settle into playing with other kids and being apart from you – even if you are only just across the room. This helps for the gradual break away when you have to go back to work.

Tip 6: Try to stick with a particular provider for your little one’s sake. You might also consider getting a provider who comes into your own home where your child will be within familiar surroundings whilst you go off to work.

This helps them to cope with their separation anxiety, there is nothing as frustrating when you have to return to work after maternity leave and your child is screaming and won’t settle in a strange environment. 

Tip 7: Look at message boards and forums like Mumsnet, Netmums etc for recommendations from other mums.

Following these tips will help you pick the right childcare provider. Remember, there is no need for perfection here, just make sure the provider fits your own needs. When I wanted to choose my own child care provider for my little one, it took me more than 3 months, before I finally found the right provider, who suited our needs perfectly  that I decided to use them for my second child. And because it took so long to find them, I wasn’t able start work on the agreed date but I was lucky to have some leave left over and family just round the corner that it wasn’t such a struggle.

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