Childcare Services in Manchester

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Are you looking for a baby sitter in Manchester? Hiring a babysitter at short notice and conducting the necessary childcare background checks can be a daunting task.  SafeHaus UK provides qualified and/or experienced babysitters who will lovingly care for your children so parents don’t have to worry about care for their children.

Standard Childcare services

SafeHaus UK standard childcare services complement but do not replace your traditional childcare provision so there is no break in your childcare arrangements at the end of the day. The services we provide are in home and convenient when there’s an expected Delivery Date (EDD) in childbirth, pre-arranged work commitments, drop off and pick up from school etc.

Emergency services

SafeHaus UK can provide emergency childcare which means assistance with childcare at short notice.  We provide emergency childcare for sudden child illness, breakdown in childcare arrangements, nanny or childminder illness or holiday, sudden late work commitments or meetings, severe weather disruptions like severe snow conditions, school closure due to heating, electricity or water breakdown, 48-hour virus quarantine, teacher strikes, sudden hospital admissions etc

New born babycare

A new baby is an exciting time for any family but also a tiring one even for the most experienced parents especially when there are other siblings. Our specialist new born baby care services offer two types of services: day service (typically 8am – 5pm), where carers will help you in all aspects of new baby care. The other is the overnight service (typically 9pm -6am or 10pm – 7am), carers will attend to your baby’s needs throughout the night so that you can have a good night’s rest.

OMUGOR (African baby bath and massage)

We also provide african baby bath and massage for African mothers. This is an African tradition where the new mum’s mother comes to look after new mum and baby. This service is best for African mums who don’t have family close by and need help with new baby. This last for 2 months.


Are you looking for Nannies in Manchester? Then look no further than SafeHaus UK. We have a reputation for providing quality carers for a whole host of clients in the Greater Manchester area. We have a variety of nanny care services to provide that peace of mind for parents. Choosing and using SafeHaus UK services gives you more than a peace of mind.

Respite Care

SafeHaus UK is committed to providing the best in respite care services to its clients. Respite Care is important because sometimes, when one is caring for a new baby, a disabled or long term sick child, the stress can be too much to manage on your own. Sometimes, you need a break from your caring duties, to get your emotional state back on track.

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