FAQ’s For Employers

Do you accept childcare vouchers?
We currently don’t accept childcare vouchers. This is a facility we are looking to introduce in the near future. Keep checking our website for information on this.
What are your fees? How does a company pay the registration fees for their staff?
Once a company contacts us about our services, we arrange to meet with the account holder to discuss our terms. As soon as all parties are satisfied with the T&Cs, we send them an invoice with our bank details. The company is required to pay the registration fee immediately according to the negotiated T&Cs. All other expenses are invoiced at the end of the month/quarterly or by the member of staff, depending on arrangements.
What age group do you provide care for?
We provide care for all age groups from new born to age 12 (15years for disabled children).
What training and experience do your staff have?
Our staff have all the required qualifications and experience before they can be registered with us. They also go through a rigorous interview process.
Do you provide transportation services to school for children in your care?

All children in our care are taken to and brought back from school, according to arrangements, by the carer. We also provide a pickup/drop off service. Please see our booking form on our website.

Does the company have to pay to keep a place on the register?
No, once a company has paid the registration fee, they don’t have pay to keep a place. Their staff have access to the system 24/7, 365 days a year.
Do you have a policy for vacation/sickness?

We have a policy which covers situations where a carer becomes sick and is unable to perform their role. This won’t affect our level of service to the client.

What are your requirements for a carer?

We rigorously interview and vet our candidates with previous experience in their field. Each candidate is
vetted the following ways prior to working with us:

  • Phone interview
  • CV submission and sifting
  • Personal Interview
  • References and documentation checks
  • DBS
  • MOT and Driving licence
  • Childcare Insurance
  • Paediatric/ First Aid certificate
Are there any late charges for picking up or releasing the carer?
Yes. We allow a maximum of 10 minutes extra, if a parent is running late. After the initial 10 minutes, the full fee (p/hr charge) applies.
Do you have insurance? who's your provider?

Yes, we have insurance. Our provider is Michel Morrel.