FAQs for Families

I have experience with baby care, what further help would you provide?

All mothers should have experience in looking after a baby especially if they’ve had other children. However, when you have a new born baby in the house, it can be exhausting due to lack of sleep. It can take a lot out of you, trying to pay attention to your new baby and look after the other children at the same time.

When you give too much attention to the baby, it might make older siblings feel neglected. We will support you by being there for you, playing with the children, keeping them occupied to give you time with your baby or watching the baby and/or sibling while you sleep etc

How do I make pay for the service?

We deal with all paperwork and payments including background checks, payroll, National Insurance and liability insurance. All you need to do is to provide instructions required for the care of your children. All the carers are our employees or self-employed.

Do we have to pay you a booking fee to use your services?

We charge a small fee to cover administrative costs. We expect payment of this fee before any placement can be made. Once you make this payment after contacting us, we will then look for someone suitable for your family needs.

How do I get started?

You can contact us about your family needs through our website booking form, our contact details on the website or through our social media platforms.  Once you have completed and signed the booking form, we will then, at and with your instructions, we identify carers who have the skills, personality and availability to support you.

Why should I choose SafeHaus UK?

We are a service dedicated to supporting parents especially new parents and mothers-to- be (Omugor-African term). We also offer emergency childcare services because we know it is essential during certain times when you have no one around to help in any childcare related situation. We are on your doorstep within 30 minutes in emergencies so you so you don’t have to worry about driving around.

Many of our carers are mothers themselves and/or have had experience with children. We will provide you with a substitute as soon as possible in the event that the carer is unavailable due to holiday or illness.

How do you choose the right carer for my family needs?

Once we get the initial information from you, we pick the right carer who is the best fit based on your requirements or criteria that you have set.

What services do you offer?

Our services are mainly geared towards childcare. We provide standard childcare services like babysitting, nanny, school pickup/drop off. Our emergency services are within these areas too but kick in within 48 hours. Our services do not compete with your standard childcare provision but complement them. We only step in when there’s a breakdown in your care arrangements due to sickness, school shut down, sudden urgent meeting etc

What are your requirements for a carer?

We rigorously interview and vet our candidates with previous experience in their field. Each candidate is
vetted the following ways prior to working with us:

  • Phone interview
  • CV submission and sifting
  • Personal Interview
  • References and documentation checks
  • DBS
  • MOT and Driving licence
  • Childcare Insurance
  • Paediatric/ First Aid certificate

Our Mission Statement

At SafeHaus UK, we believe that everybody deserves extra care and encouragement whilst under our care and we aspire to give unconditional emotional, physical, and informational support whilst we maintain a strong principle to providing affordable home care.
SafeHaus UK aim to be at the forefront of peoples minds when looking for quality, affordable carers in Manchester and our reputation is growing with our childminders, babysitters, or carers lovingly looking after your loved ones within your chosen environment.