Bringing a new born baby home and the prospect of the weight of her new responsibilities as a new mother, increases her anxiety level a hundred times.  This is when most new mothers need a proper time management strategy. It is also during this time she needs to consider how to effectively provide the necessary comfort and tender, loving care her new born baby needs.

The toughest part of it all is that she has no clue how to handle  and/or juggle everything in order to provide for this new addition to the family.  To achieve this, she would have to make the necessary plans as well as pay attention to the requirements of her new born baby.



Here are 4 quick tips to get you started with providing the best possible care for your new born baby. These will provide you the much needed information every new mother should have, after all the fanfare has died down.


You do not need to take big steps but small steps as you learn the best way to care for your new born baby. It must also be convenient for both of you as well because you must be both physically and mentally fit to look after your new born baby.



Baby Carrier:

Look for an appropriate baby carrier, you need good baby carriers that provide the convenience to the mother and her child to carry her anywhere freely.

Sterilising His Bottles and keeping His Clothes Clean:

This is the most important thing you can do for your new born baby and to ensure he’s healthy, you must take care of his things first.  All his clothes should be clean and his bottles sterilised after each use. You can find different types of baby sterilisers in the market or online.  You must also ensure the things that come in direct contact with your new born baby’s skin must be clean and washed on a daily or twice weekly basis.  This depends on if you have the strength to do this or you use a washing machine for this.

This way you can protect your baby from any possible infections. The trick is to take proper care of his belongings.

Monthly Records of Baby’s Health:

This is one of the important things to consider. According to the health professionals, your new born baby must be healthy and should have the normal growth. For this purpose, the weekly health visitor’s vist and the monthly doctor visit is vital. If your child cries a lot, then you have to make sure that he is not suffering from any pain or any other health issue.

Keeping a watchful eye on your new born baby’s health is the most important care you will have to do, as a new mother. Your baby’s health records will help you to understand all the health issues your baby might have or would have in the future as well. Some new born babies would have normal healthy growth and others will have a more stunted and slow growth. The records will help you to keep track of their growth and also help you ask the appropriate questions when the health visitor visits.

Holding Your New Born Baby in The Right Position:

Most new mothers find holding their new born baby in the right position, for the first time, difficult. Since this is their first child, they have no idea what position to hold their child despite the training they might have had during the antenatal classes.

The right way to take hold your new born baby is to hold her in your arm, with her head resting between the crook of your arm and your breast. Holding your baby close to your heart, soothes her to sleep because right from when she was able to hear you, in your womb, your heartbeat was one constant in her life. This is why most babies will drop off to sleep when their mum puts them on their chest. However, this is not a position advised by the sleep professionals for the safety of your child.


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